Carnival Project

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On the spring of 2004 a van with five filmmakers and two dancers traveled from the city of Bogota on the Colombian Andes up to the Caribbean coast: traditionally a land of music,with plenty of trovadours and dancers, birthplace and inspiration of the Nobel writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez and inagotable source of inspiration for contemporary musicians.But also a war zone, a conflicted violent place that despite having being silenced in many ways still produces amazing music and dance,we were not allowed during our stops to ask many questions and yet many questions were asked to us by whoever was in control of the place, but we used music and dance and comunicated that way, and our journey was surprinsingly uneventful.

The collaboration between international filmmakers ( all female, by the way ) took place during the six months that followed and the collective was named the Transcontinental Rendezvous .Here you will be able to see the music video and in the future the complete clips from each place than the footage was generated.

Pernett's family belongs to one of the traditional dance "comparsas" ( zipote garabato ) and his music is informed by the variety of caribbean rythms that inhabit the Atlantic coast of Colombia their help was invaluable on the project.

Sponsored by Sonido Azulado and 1st Pop.