Carnival Project


When Felipe alvarez of Sonido Azulado proposed making a video for his upcoming artist: Humberto Pernett,for a song called: "carnaval" .I decided to go on a journey in search of the authentic spirit of the carnival .The mission : to obtain original images from the dancers, artisans and musicians that year after year make the Carnaval de Barranquilla possible, and that thanks to generations of hard work have earned for the event an honour granted by UNESCO that declared the carnival : a patrimony of the humanity .

To make the video a celebration of their work we would first ,film the traditional dances of the carnival with all the costumes and masks and then we would request young local dancers to teach us an original step, then we make a short quicktime movie of it and then transmit it on the web to filmmaker friends on different parts of the world .They will follow a very simple set of instructions , a storyboard and find dancers in their respective countries who would learn the steps from the quicktime movies and would dance on location for the video.

It became a way to communicate across cultures with the language of music and dance from the carnaval, and experiment.The moves that the Colombian kids made were re-interpreted by people from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds in various parts of the world,the carnival is all about diversity participation and inclusion.